for a list of what we can offer you.
If the “big day” is coming up and you don’t know where to start planning (or don’t want to start!) relax… you’re a Star and Star’s don’t have to do anything they don’t want to.

At StarWorks we make every gathering a “red-carpet” event. Your organization’s events will be memorable and profitable. Best of all, your staff won’t have to stop doing what they do best because...
We can help you organize your annual meetings, sales meetings, customer events, product launches, and recognition programs. We will coordinate everything from site selection to reference materials. Your events will be meaningful and rewarding.

We help identify the right trade show to attend, handle all of your registration information then create marketing and advertising programs to increase your traffic. (We can also meet with your exhibiting staff to provide them with tips and tricks to draw people in.)

We will implement Post Event Evaluation methods for your organization. We have several proven techniques ranging from online evaluations to simple follow-up calls and letters.